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If your site does not appear on the first page of Google results, if your competitors appear before you in these results, you have the right to know why. Our free SEO report will tell you everything.
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Tracking Hidden Errors

Our Free SEO Report reveals "the good, the bad and the ugly" on your website pages. More precisely, it reveals internal code errors and missing information that penalize your site. With this knowledge, you can make the appropriate corrections that will eventually improve your ranking in search engine results.

The SEO Report

Search engines rely on many criteria to rank a website: security, speed, optimization of keywords, etc. As a site owner, you do not necessarily know all these criteria and you do not know how your site behaves on each of them.

Very often, errors and omissions noted on these criteria are detrimental to the ranking of your site in the results of search engines. It is therefore essential to know exactly the SEO health of your site to know exactly why it does not appear on the front page of Google, for example.

Our Free SEO report brings you valuable help in improving your site. This report gives an overall score of the site on dozens of criteria and identifies in a few seconds major problems that penalize its ranking. You also get practical advice to correct them quickly and appropriately by yourself, by your service provider or by the NetCristal team.

All Industries and Sectors

This quality approach aimed at identifying the sources of a problem in order to solve it quickly and better is universal and is aimed at companies of all industries and sectors.

Like all companies you compete with, you want to be present and well positioned in search engines to attract new customers and strengthen your existing customer base.

SEO optimization of your web pages has become essential to distinguish yourself from your competitors. There were more than a billion and a half websites worldwide in January 2019 and there are about 380 new ones … every minute! Faced with this unbridled growth in the number of websites, search engines, which are judged on their relevance, must prioritize good quality websites. Therefore, when displaying search results, these engines are increasingly selecting websites based on the quality of their coding and content.

NetCristal offers you a free SEO report that is an essential analysis tool you need to optimize your site: you discover in a few seconds the many qualitative criteria used by search engines and how good or bad your site behave on each of these criteria. This makes it easier for you to make the necessary corrections.

Follow-up is essential to ensure that corrections are sufficient. In this regard, the NetCristal SEO report is a useful tool for tracking corrections made on your site. This is an analysis tool you should use on a regular basis in order to improve or strengthen your position in search engines.

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